Josh Nimoy (Shareware)

Balldroppings is a game created by Josh Nimoy. In this game, balls fall from the screen top and they bounce off the lines that the player is drawing with a mouse. As the balls bounce they make a percussive sound that is also melodic. The sound’s pitch varies depending on the speed of the ball’s movement as it hits the line.

Balldroppings may also be considered as an emergence game. This is an application that has brought joy to many players due to its simple yet fascinating game play. It is one of those computer games that do not have a plot. There are no heroes or heroines and no villains either. It is a straightforward video game reminiscent of the very first video games with simple rules.

Balldroppings stands apart from other games of its kind because it utilizes simulation of elastic masses based on the known laws of physics. In addition, this game allows for experimentation and the exercise of creativity that makes it enjoyable to those who want a measure of challenge and quick thinking in the computer games that they play.

Balldroppings is available for both Mac OS X and Windows systems. It is written in C++ and with the use of Open GL, GLUT, and GNU GCC.