Ball Attack 1

Archgames (Shareware)

Ball Attack is a breakout style game in which players have to destroy bricks using a ball. Brick layers and other objects can be found at the top part of the game field; players have to break these until all of the bricks are destroyed. To do this, players must control the paddle at the bottom by moving it left and right and bounce a ball back and forth until the game field is cleared.

Players enter the game equipped with three balls. Only one ball is used on the game field; the other two are spares. At the beginning of the game, players need to left-click the mouse to set the ball in play. If the player fails to catch the ball as it bounces back from the bricks, a spare ball is used. When all of the spare balls are used up, the player loses the level.

As the game progresses, players will accumulate points. Points can be obtained by breaking bricks and catching power-ups. Players are also awarded points when levels are completed. No two game levels are the same; some levels feature moving objects, making the game more challenging. Power-ups and bonus weapons can help the player destroy brick clusters quickly, but players must also watch out for penalty items that may make breaking the bricks difficult.