Baldur's Gate II - Shadows of Amn

BioWare Corp. (Proprietary)

Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn is a computer game that is the sequel to the first Baldur's Gate game. In this game, the player takes on an adventure in the Amn Kingdom, a location south of the Baldur's Gate. The hero of the first game's story was a prisoner being experimented upon by the wizard Irenicus. After escaping, the player journeys through the jungles and dungeons in the mission to find artifacts that can give immeasurable power and wealth to whoever obtains it.

In Baldur's Gate III: Shadows of Amn, the player can control six characters at a time. One of these six characters is the game's main character. If the main character dies, the player must restart the game. This main character is one created by the user. It is the user who will the name, class, skills, and abilities of the main character. Non-playable characters can be recruited later in the game.

The game is played through mouse controls and keyboard hotkeys. Clicking on clickable items lets the player interact with it. For example, click on a chest opens it. Clicking on doors opens them. Clicking on enemies will make the player attack these enemies. While the game is played in an isometric view, the game does not visually focus on the main character at all time, as in the case of other action role-playing games. As the player defeats enemies, coins may sometimes be earned. The player also earns points for experience.