Giga (Proprietary)

BALDR SKY Dive2 is an installment on the series BALDR SKY, a Japanese graphic novel. Baldr Sky, on the other hand, is the 3rd title on the Baldr series next to Baldr Force and Baldr Bullet “Rebellion.” The story is set on the middle of the 21st century when humans have used nanomachines extensively on their everyday life. This is also the time where humans have chips embedded on them, which allows them access to the Internet 24/7 and also enables them to engage on virtual combat. The story revolves around the lead character, Kou Kadokura and his associate Rain Krishima. At the start, Kuo wakes up without his memory starting from the “Gray Christmas”. He struggles to regain those through flashbacks.

BALDR SKY Dive2 is about the chase that Kuo does against the Drexler Organization, who is believed to be responsible for the incident “Gray Christmas.” Instructions are shown on the screen and texts and are also aided by sound. The player controls a mecha or robot to combat the machines who are trying to attack them. At some point within the game, the player will be asked to upgrade or modify the mecha before a series of battles.