BaiduPlayer 1

Baidu Inc. (Freeware)

Baidu Player is a media player developed by Chinese company Baidu. This player enables users to search for movies, music videos, television shows, and video clips from the Internet, play these, and download these if so desired. The player is compatible with popular video formats. One of the outstanding features of this player is its ability to directly play a particular media file while it is being downloaded, so users can watch a video and have a copy of it at the same time. This saves on time and energy resources because users do not have to wait for the downloading to finish before they can watch videos. In addition, users need not install a separate application for downloading media files from the Internet.

The Baidu Player also enables users to search for videos online, as well as take screen captures and share these in social networks. This application allows users to customize how they want to watch videos by setting their preferences in the video settings. Users can adjust the brightness, contrast, and color of any video directly from the player, without having to open the computer’s display preferences menu. Users can simply open the color adjustment menu or screen control dialog box and adjust the display settings as they wish.