Backup Wizard

ASUSTek Computer Inc. (Freeware)

Backup Wizard is a system utility application developed by Asustek Computer Inc, which is used to make copies of data stored in one’s computer for system backup.  Asustek Computer Inc. is a multinational company that manufactures different computer hardware and peripherals. The electronics company is a Taiwanese Firm.

System backup is an information management process that refers to archiving and copying of important files in one’s computer to secure data once the system crashes or becomes corrupt. When the computer OS becomes corrupt, users will lose data. Data loss is also caused by harmful threats in the Internet like worms and viruses.  Backup Wizard can be used to restore data due to deleted files that have been accidentally removed.  The application restores a reference point where these files can be accessed and can be used. It is important that users make a routinary schedule for backing up files. In this manner, users can be secured from any type of computer disaster.

During backup, the program makes use of the Window Schedule Task to run in the boot process.  Once registered, the program launches automatically. Lastly, this process registers as a scheduled task and can be launched at different time intervals.