Backup Platinum 4.0

SoftLogica LLC (Shareware)

SoftLogica Backup Platinum is a backup program created for Windows. Critical data reserve copies are made and can be stored on a LAN, USB drives, hard drives, FTP servers, DVDs, and CDs, among others. The program operates on a file-processing engine that is multi-threaded. 128-bit Blowfish encryption and ZIP compression ensures that backups are compact and secure.

The program’s interface is best understood by advanced computer users. A backup set provides parameters such as how, when, where, and what to backup. An integrated DVD/CD engine enables rewritable disks to be erased prior to burning. Large backups can also be split into multiple parts via disk scanning. Using NT-based systems, the program can run scheduled tasks automatically in service mode. Selection and masks handling of files can also be customized. Multiple versions of backed-up files can be stored using timestamps. Speed selection, quick erase function, and CRC verification are available when using DVDs and CDs. Other program features include RTF format activity log, SMTP servers support, and registration status and setting import and export. Program processes are logged in full detail. Users can also be notified via email about program operations. The program can be configured to operate on computer log off or log on. Other programs can also be set to run after the program completes a certain operation.