Backup Key Recovery 7.9.7

Nsasoft LLC. (Shareware)

Backup Key Recovery is a simple application that enables users to recover data from crashed hard drives. It supports a wide variety of programs including operating systems, games, and compression utilities, among other applications. This program recovers product registration keys so users can re-install programs to the computer. The application has a straightforward and well laid-out interface, making it an ideal and easy-to-use tool by both beginners and advanced computer users.

The program’s main interface is where users can choose to backup a registry file from the computer. This can be done by using the browser button. A list of all backed up files is then displayed on the main window with the product name, data information, and the product data. Users can also choose to print out a list of all the files for reference. This data can be saved in different file formats, such as XML, HTML, MDB, CSV, XLS, or TXT. The other key features of Backup Key Recovery are as follows:

• Program is capable of recovering more than 2,500 types of programs
• Prevents users from losing their investment on programs that they bought
• Safe way for keeping all product registration keys and codes in one location
• Can recover data in just a few minutes
• Does not clog up the system resources