Backup Exec Desktop

VERITAS Software, Inc. (Proprietary)

Backup Exec Desktop by Veritas is an application that enables its users to create backups of their disks and manage their files. This helps protect important data from damage and corruption resulting from system failure, power outage, and other risk factors. One of the functions of this application is the Automatic Protection feature, which regularly and automatically creates backups of files so users can focus on doing their tasks without needing to manually create backups. Users can specify when and how often the automatic backups are performed, and the application will do the rest. Its other features are as follows:

• File Find – users can easily locate specific file versions
• Disaster Recovery – rebuilds the user’s computer system and restores data based on the created boot disk and data generated from the latest backup session
• Network protection – this application can also protect data in a peer-to-peer network. Users can share peripheral devices for backup as well.
• Data compression – media files that are large, and therefore affect system performance, may be compressed during the backup process, therefore saving disk space.
• File catalog – this is a tracking feature that gives users a record of each backup session. Based on the information in the catalog of backed-up files, the application can perform (future) backups that may either be incremental or differential.