Background Switcher (Open Source)

Background Switcher is a desktop utility program developed by John’s Adventures. It is used for changing the desktop background periodically. The program offers several settings that enable users to customize the way the desktop background are changed. It offers modification settings when the background is changed (i.e. every day or every hour). There are also different configuration options for specifying what pictures the program will use. Users can set the program to choose specific images on the computer. Another option is to set the program to point at and use a certain image folder. When this option is selected, the program selects a picture randomly from the specified folder. Background Switcher also offers an option to use images from Flickr. There are also options to choose Flickr images by sets, person, tags, or in random. The program also offers various options for customizing the look of background images by increasing the image’s quality or narrowing it down.

Other features available in Background Switcher include the following:

• Options for customizing the program’s calendar font, Polaroid/postcard piles fonts, and fonts used when displaying the image’s info
• Option to select random image effects (such as grayscale, sepia, and more)
• Google Picasa support
• Ability to lower the minimum interval when switching images