Background Remover plug-in

ImageSkill Software (Shareware)

Background Remover plug-in is a plug-in developed by ImageSkill Software. This add-on is fully compatible with different photo editing software. Examples of these programs are Adobe Photoshop and other photo-related programs developed by Adobe, Macromedia Fireworks, Corel and a lot more.

Background Remover plug-in works in removing unwanted parts of the photo or background and extract the main image users want to save. It integrates with photo editing programs The plugin can detect the pixels that separate the main image from the portion to be extracted. This gives way in removing the background effectively since it will easily determine the area. With this feature, users will remove the target image cleanly compared to editing without using the plug-in.

Background Remover also extends partial modification feature. It utilizes the revolutionary feature of combining the partly transparent nature around the target image’s non-distinct pixels while removing the background color. This guarantees the photo will blend perfectly with the new background. Even if the new background is completely different from the original, it will look normal, as if the extract photo is actually there.

Background Remover plug-in has an easy to use interface that works efficiently even for people who will do the procedure for the first time.