Background Remover 3.2

ImageSkill Software (Shareware)

Background Remover is an image-editing program plug-in, which can be used to extract selected objects from a picture. This application works with popular photo-enhancing software such as Corel Paint and Adobe Photoshop. The program makes extracting objects faster and easier without having to accurately trace an object’s outline. The user simply needs to indicate the colors within the object and outside it to tell the computer which part of the image is the background so that it may be removed. A slider tool can be used to increase the efficiency of the plug-in.

Background Remover works well even with gradient-filled backgrounds. It can separate the objects based on the colors and lines. For softer transitions, the user can apply "masking" on the object. This way, unsightly borders around selected objects are omitted, giving the resulting image a smooth outline. If in case there are colors and borders that were not masked efficiently, the eraser tool can remove the unnecessary elements from the object. A restore tool can also be used to soften the boundary between the object and its background.

The extracted objects may be placed onto a new image, or given a different background. Users may also choose to save the selected objects, as they are for use in future collage or graphic design projects.