Baby Luv

WildTangent, Inc. (Shareware)

Baby Luv is a virtual life game developed by the company, Gogii Games. The player is supposed to create a baby, take care of it, and engage in fun activities with it as s/he goes through his/her first year. Creating a baby character involves choosing various attributes like gender, complexion, hairstyle, and eye color among others. Female infants wear pink onesies, while male ones wear blue. After the creation process is finished, the baby will be seen sitting on the floor of a playroom, with his/her eyes following the motion of the cursor. The player must click on the baby in order for it to perform actions like giggling and gurgling. The backdrop can also be changed by clicking on the Park button located at the bottom of the screen.

Players must observe the menu tray at the bottom of the screen as it indicates things like hygiene, hunger, sleep, and enjoyment levels. If one of these factors falls to an alarming level, the player must fix it before advancing to the next level. If the baby grows hungry, the player must click on the hunger level icon to give the baby a bottle or some fruit. If the hygiene level is dropping, the player must click the corresponding icon to give the baby a bath. Baby Luv also offers mini-games that allow the player to entertain the baby by playing with numerous toys or playing games at the park.