BabasChess 4.0 (Freeware)

BabasChess is a chess client. It allows users to play with other chess players located around the world. The program’s main interface consists of a chess game board, a chat window, and a list of all the players that are logged in from different locations. The program supports multiple boards, so players can have an unlimited number of tabbed boards on the game window. The game comes with a variety of features that makes it unique from other virtual chess games. Some of them are listed below:

• The board is highly customizable and players can change the pieces and other board elements, such as the bitmap pieces, antialiasing, squares, names, sizes, and colors.
• Game highlights the player’s last move and also highlights the target square when a piece is being moved.
• The game is capable of showing the lag statistics for the two users who are playing the game.
• Comes with a chat console that enables users to communicate with the person that they are playing the game with.
• Has a built-in formula wizard that enables users to create complication formulas in just a few simple steps.

BabasChess comes with a preference wizard. This wizard helps users configure the settings that they prefer when the game is launched on the computer for the first time.