B1 Free Archiver 1.2.54 (Freeware)

B1 Free Archiver is a compression utility that allows users to compress and extract files from archived folders. The program has an Explorer-like window and all the command buttons can be accessed from the upper part of the window. Command buttons include Create, Open, Extract, and Exit. The left panel of the main window shows the system’s Computer with all the folders listed under it. The panel also displays devices connected to the computer, including the system’s local hard drives.

When creating an archived file, users may choose between two formats – B1 or Zip. Users can also choose the drive location and the compression mode. The application also has a security feature that allows users to add a password to the archived file.

Other features of the B1 Free Archiver program are the following:

• Encryption Support – The application allows users to create passwords using 256 bit encryption to prevent other users without a password from accessing the contents of the archived file.
• Support Large Files – This program is capable of creating archives that consists of large files.
• Help – The program comes with a comprehensive help file that teaches users how to use the application.