B-Jigsaw, developed and released by Brothersoft, is a computer game that simulates classic jigsaw puzzles. It allows its players to work on various image puzzles on a computer. With this game, users do not have to open a puzzle box and scatter puzzle pieces on tables and floors, preventing clutter and loss of space. Players can work on different images and puzzle difficulties in one program. This game is ideal for not only for children but for adults as well, especially those who want to practice their visual logic skills.

B-Jigsaw is simple and easy to play. The player starts by selecting a picture from the choices given. Users can also upload their own pictures to the program to be used as puzzles. After an image is chosen, the player will then have to decide the difficulty level of the puzzle they want to play. . There are four difficulty levels to choose from. The easy level gives fewer and larger puzzle pieces, while the more advanced levels provide players with smaller and more numerous pieces. Players can solve the puzzles in either timed or non-timed mode, depending on what they prefer. Points are given depending on the speed of the player in completing the puzzle.

Players can also use this application to create, print, and share puzzles online.