Aztec Bricks


Aztec Bricks is a game in the breakout genre. In this game, players collect points by breaking bricks and getting treasures. Different brick layers line the top half of the gaming screen. At the bottom of the gaming screen is a long paddle where a ball can be found. This is the ball that will be used to break the bricks. The paddle is controlled by the player by moving the mouse to the left and to the right.

The goal of the game is to bounce the ball back and forth from the paddle to the bricks above. When a brick is hit, it breaks and dissolves. The ball bounces back to the bottom of the gameplay area and players must catch it so it can bounce back to break more bricks. Players have to keep on bouncing the ball back until all of the bricks are destroyed, and the game advances to the next level. When the player misses to catch and bounce the ball back, he or she loses a life. When all of the player’s lives are used up, the player loses the game.

There are 120 levels in Aztec Bricks and each features different brick arrangements. As the game progresses, the brick arrangements become more challenging. A click on the left mouse button begins the game level. The game features 36 power-ups that can help the player eliminate bricks and defeat bosses.