AZR 2.2

DataNumen, Inc. (Shareware)

AZR or Advanced Zip Repair is a utility developed by DataNumen, Inc. This tool is intended for conducting repairs on corrupt Zip files. It is also capable of repairing self-extracting files. This utility minimizes file loss due to corruption by scanning the faulty archives and recovering as much data as possible. It is also a program that may be used for e-discovery and computer forensics.

Here are the main features of AZR:
• Fixes faulty CRC values
• Supports Zip files that are bigger than 4G
• Splits and encrypts Zip files
• Monitors data integrity

This program can also repair corrupted Zip files that are contained in CD-ROMs, Zip disks, and floppy disks. With AZR, scanning and fixing functions are done quickly and efficiently. This utility can also repair files in batches.  It is easy to use given the drag and drop function support and the organized main window tabs. The user interface is intuitive. Once working, the utility can find the Zip files contained in the computer and start scanning and fixing. Since it easily integrates with Windows, the user can repair within Explorer. The user needs to make a few clicks and the program will be up and running. Once the path toward the file/s that has to be repaired is set, this program will do its job automatically.