Myth People (Freeware)

Azkend is a puzzle-themed video game available for all gaming platforms. It has puzzle gameplay with improved pattern-matching mechanisms. The game follows a fictional storyline involving a team of thriving archaeologists. Askend begins with the team successfully probing the most important relic in Far Asia. However, a predicament ensues when the team finds out that the relic is actually cursed. To destroy the curse, players must help the team deliver the item to the Temple of Time. Nevertheless, they should be ready to take on the challenges and obstacles that will test their puzzle-solving skill. Alongside this, they should also be wary of random villains who will try to steal the treasured relic. Every realized quest will grant the players with a talisman. There are eight talismans to be collected; each with its own special power.

Azkend features high-end 3D graphics with uncompromised animation. The sceneries and background display are purely hand-drawn and designed to depict the old Asia. The over-all display is enhanced by visual effects that range from minimalistic snowfall to subtle explosions every time a puzzle sequence has been completed. It works using standard gaming controls such as single-click, double-click, and click-and-drag, and does not require key combinations for specific gestures.  A map of the entire gaming area guides players in identifying their succeeding destinations. Finally, the game also includes several picture-hunting mini-games where players can win extra points or gaming bonuses.