Azada® : In Libro Collector's Edition

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Azada: In Libro Collector's Edition is a special offer for gamers who enjoy all forms of hidden object puzzle games. Players need to rise to the challenge and save three worlds. The game play is rather straightforward but not lacking in exciting elements. This edition is available from Big Fish Games.

The magical book is in Prague and with a push from Titus, a guardian of Azada, the player is launched into a fascinating adventure. This hidden object puzzle adventure game requires the player to save all three worlds from the evil villain—a magician who has been wreaking havoc and needs to be vanquished. The player also needs to protect the guardians. To do this, players must be able to locate a variety of items hidden in different scenes in order to gather clues to help them save the worlds.

When compared to the standard version of Azada: In Libro, there are more exclusive features contained within this particular edition. One of the highlights of this Collector's Edition by Big Fish Games is the three-stamp equivalent of a purchase on the Monthly Game Club Punch Card.

This collector’s edition game has many features, for instance the bonus gameplay that awaits players. There is also a wide array of wallpapers to choose from. Last of all, this game also provides users with an Integrated Strategy Guide.