Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Azada, developed by Big Fish Studios, is a casual computer game in the adventure-puzzle genre. In this game, the player is transported by a character named Titus to his study, requesting for assistance in getting free from a magical book in which he has been trapped for many years. To help Titus, the player must solve the puzzles in the enchanted book of Azada. Aside from 40 puzzles, the game also has 20 different minigames to play.

The gameplay of Azada tasks the player to find hidden objects and use these together to solve the puzzles. The main puzzle feature of the game are the escape-the-room puzzles, where players must find the listed objects that have been hidden in a room. These objects must be collected, where they are needed in other parts of the game. Players must combine the objects to create a domino effect, or a logical chain reaction in order to solve puzzles.

Each of the 20 minigames in Azada has a specific set of instructions that must be carefully followed. If the player fails to solve a minigame, it can be skipped and the player can return to solve it later. The puzzles act as the missing pages of the enchanted book; when all of the puzzles are solved, Titus will be set free.