AxisVM Finite Element Program

Inter-CAD Kft. (Shareware)

AxisVM Finite Element Program is a Structure Analysis software. It was specifically created for the actual professional needs of civil engineers and other construction professionals. It has integrated visual modelling tools that can be simply managed in order to build 3D models. It performs structural analysis on the linear, non-linear, static, and dynamic attributes of spatial and plane structures.

The software’s intuitive interface supports very point of the building process, including definition, modelling, analysis, detailing, result query, and reporting. Among its most notable features is the capability to carry out advance analysis. This involves mode shape and frequency calculation, pushover analysis, limitless number of equations, quick and parallel solving mechanism with partitioned and multi-thread technology. It also designs modules for fortifying walls, columns, footings, concrete beams, and footings. The same can be done for steel, concrete, and timber designs.

AxisVM is helpful in calculating any combination of 2D or 3D structures. The software does not leave any stone unturned. It is capable of analyzing truss rods, ribs bars, trays, panels, plates, hangers, springs, rigid bodies, connections, and contact elements. This lets engineers foresee all relevant factors affecting the behaviour of the structures they design. The program also supports Unicode, the international standard for coding systems. Graphical content of exported 3D files can be rotated, panned, and zoomed in/out, giving experts a better perspective of their designs.