AXIS Camera Station

Axis Communications (Proprietary)

AXIS Camera Station is an event management application that is able to record and playback events from a security camera. It supports recording and playback for up to a hundred cameras. This program is mainly used in offices, hospitals, hotels, stores, and even at home. It has an automatic camera discovery feature that detects the cameras connected to the system. It also comes with a configuration wizard that helps users set up and configure the settings to come up with the best security solution. It is compatible with all AXIS products.

The client program of the AXIS Camera Station can be installed in any Windows computer. This is useful for remote viewing of the locations that are being recorded with cameras. With this feature, users can monitor the events as they are happening anywhere in the world. The only requirement is the client program and an Internet connection. The application provides high image quality of images and supports H.264, motion JPEG compression, and MPEG-4 file formats. AXIS Camera Station also has built-in intelligence analytics for audio detection and motion detection.

Here are the other features of the application:
• System integration – supports Ethernet-based information systems, digital devices, and other security systems
• System scalability – can be installed in a standard computer
• Cost effective – does not require additional wirings