AXIS Camera Management 7.4

Axis Communications (Proprietary)

AXIS Camera Management is an installation and management tool that caters specifically to Axis network video products. The software automatically finds and configures devices, sets Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, displays connection status, and manages firmware upgrades and camera applications for different Axis devices. The application needs to be installed on a Windows personal computer and can be used to manage up to several thousand of Axis network video products located in multiple sites.

AXIS Camera Management has an intuitive and user-friendly interface. The main window displays relevant information about devices including the Name, Status, IP Address, Host Name, Serial Number and Firmware version. A warnings/ errors section is designed to display devices that need to be reviewed. To set an IP address, the user can opt to enter the IP address manually or obtain it automatically. To configure a device, users can define the values for each parameter. If a certain configuration needs to be applied to multiple devices, the parameter values can be saved as a template. The interface also allows for upgrading of the Axis products in sequence or in parallel. In sequence, upgrading has the advantage of having fewer devices offline during the upgrade while parallel sequence reduces the time required for each one.