AWEM Studio Star Defender 2 1.43

AWEM Studio (Shareware)

AWEM Studio Star Defender 2 is a space shooter arcade game developed and released by AWEM on April 2005. This game features nine game missions. Each mission requires the player to battle a Boss enemy at the end to finish the mission. It features more than 100 playable levels battling more than 30 enemy units. It also features weapon upgrades, power-ups, and bonuses.

AWEM Studio Star Defender 2 follows the plight of Earth after the inhabitants of Biods, an enemy planet, attacked the Earth in the beginning of the 23rd century. Some defender ships were able to break free and escape to seek help in another solar system, in a planet called Cynosure. The Earth once helped the inhabitants of Cynosure, and now they are asking for their help in return.

AWEM Studio Star Defender 2 graphical user interface features a backdrop of solar systems and planets set against the dark space. Each level features a different background. The Star Defender 2 is at the bottom of the window, controllable by mouse or arrow keys. The Star Defender 2 can move up, down, left, and right. The right panel shows the current level and the current score. It also displays the number of bonus ammo, bombs, and other weapons that the ship uses.

AWEM Studio Star Defender 2 is the 2nd installment in the Star Defender game series. AWEM Studio released Star Defender 3 and 4 in later years.