Awave Studio 10.6

FMJ-Software (Shareware)

Awave Studio is a multipurpose program used for audio files. With the application, audio files can be converted or edited. It supports a wide variety of audio file formats that are compatible with handy multimedia players. The main window of the application is where users can access the different features of the application. Several audio tools can be accessed from the main menu including the following:

• Batch conversion wizard – allows users to convert several audio files into a different audio format all at the same time
• Audio recording wizard – enables users to record their own audio files using a microphone connected to the computer or a built-in microphone
• MIDI recording wizard – this tool is used for recording MIDI files to use for projects or audio files

Aside from these three tools, the program also comes with other tools, such as the MIDI processor, audio processor, and instrument creation tool. Tools included with the program come with a wizard, which enables even novice computer users to take advantage of its features. In addition to the tools, users also have control over the different parameters under the Preferences window. There are different tabs where users can change the different settings of the program.