Award Keylogger 3.2

Award Soft (Shareware)

Award Keylogger is a surveillance application used for monitoring the activities of other users on a computer. This is useful for computers that are shared by several users. It can log mouse clicks, keystrokes, chat conversations, email messages, and more. The program has a simple interface that consists of four actions that can be done with the program. They are the following:

• Start Monitoring – This action starts the monitoring process on the computer.
• Stop Monitoring – This action stops the application from monitoring the keystrokes on the computer.
• View, Print, or Export – This action allows users to see a log of activities, print the log, or export the log or send it to an email address.
• Slideshow – The fourth action is slideshow, which allows users to view a slideshow of the screenshots taken on the computer.

Users can tweak the settings for the program under the Options window. Some of the settings that can be found under Options include logging, user filter, invisible mode, FTP delivery, and email delivery. Award Keylogger is also capable of viewing the content on characters that are displayed as asterisks. All logged files can be stored in HTML format or printed out for reference.