AVStoDVD 2.6.0

AVStoDVD (Open Source)

AVStoDVD is a video converter that converts any type of video into DVD format. The application can convert numerous video formats (such as 3GP, MKV, AVI, etc) into DVD. The converted file can be burned on a DVD disc. Before burning the file, the video can be edited according to the user's specifications. The audio can also be edited through Avisynth, a program bundled with the application which is designed to edit audio and video files. Many customizations are also available. There is the option to further modify the resulting DVD project by adding subtitles, creating background images, and selecting the desired resolution and ratio.

AVStoDVD immediately recognizes the contents of a video. Among them are the video's title, video options, and duration. These data can be customized and labeled in the resulting DVD project as well. Menus can also be created. There is the option to select the static menu or motion menu. Static menus are stationary, while the motion menu has an interactive interface. Chapters can also be created and entails users to simply select the duration of each chapter. When a DVD is finished, it will be saved on the preferred location.

AVStoDVD also supports batch converting. Numerous video files can be lined up to be converted into a DVD. When a file is converted, the program proceeds to convert the next file in queue.