AVS Screen Capture

Online Media Technologies Ltd. (Bundled)

The AVS Screen Capture application comes with AVS programs, such as the AVS Video Editor and the AVS Video ReMaker. It is a utility for recording mouse movements and snapshots. Users can access the program within the software it was bundled in. AVS Screen Capture’s interface provides all the tools needed for recording. The options shown on its small window are Start Capture, Snapshot, Drawing, and Settings. There are also three buttons used for selecting the part of the screen to record. These are:

Full Screen – for recording the entire screen
Selected Area – for selecting a specific area of the screen to record
Selected View – for recording one of the opened windows on the desktop

Once a selection has been made, users can click on the Start Capture button to record a video. The Snapshot button can be used to capture an image file. The image file will be saved in the computer’s hard drive as BMP, JPEG, or PNG.

The Drawing Tools can be used while recording is ongoing. This is useful for creating instructional videos. There are lines, shapes, arrows, and a pencil tool. Users can set the color, and the thickness for the tools. These tools are disabled when the desktop is not being recorded.