AVS DVD Player

Online Media Technologies Ltd. (Freeware)

AVS DVD Player is a media player program designed for playing video files of different formats. The program offers support for different video formats. Aside from the typical DVD formats, it also supports various MPEG4 including XviD and DivX. Other supported formats include AVI, MPEG1/MPEG2, QuickTime, WMV and Real Media files. It also features a built-in Surround Effect. This allows users to play regular stereo movies with improved audio quality. This feature can also imitate Multichannel surround sound.

AVS DVD Player offers different tools for navigating between scenes. It features adjacent chapter controls that can be used to navigate through playlists or movie chapters. It has interactive chapter interface and it uses bookmarks. Changing and managing bookmarks as well as accessing its settings are also possible. The application has multilingual support allowing users to choose between different languages for subtitles and audio tracks. Choosing the view angle of the videos being played can also be done as long as it is available in the DVD player. Different video sources are also supported including portable media, HDD and LAN. Adjusting the aspect ratio can be done as well. It also support Full-Screen mode for viewing. Menu options are also available at a single click including speaker configuration, DVD region settings, and audio visualization.