Online Media Technologies Ltd. (Shareware)

AVS DVD Copy is an application for copying and creating DVDs. The application can be used by beginners and advanced computer users. It has an automatic feature that sets the best video and audio settings for copying. In addition, it is capable of compressing DVD files so that it fits in one DVD disc if the content is too big. Users can set the source and target of when copying videos, too. AVS DVD Copy supports a wide variety of file formats and media types including DVD+R, DVD-RAM, Dual Layer DVDs, and CD-R/RW.

There are options when copying DVDs. Users can copy the entire DVD or choose to leave out the menu and extra videos and just copy the main video file. The Quick DVD Copy feature allows users to copy the exact content of a DVD with just a few clicks. There is a preview option so that users can select which chapters to include when copying.

Here are more features of the AVS DVD Copy application:
• Enhanced user interface
• Support for multiple languages
• Technical support
• High quality copies
• Multiple copy modes

AVS DVD Copy is limited to copying personal DVD discs. It cannot be used to copy copyright protected DVDs.