AVS Capture Wizard

Online Media Technologies Ltd (Shareware)

AVS Capture Wizard is video application developed by Online Media Technologies Ltd. In this application, users can transfer videos from DV, VHS, and mini DV cameras to the computer hard drive. The program also allows capturing of videos from web cameras, DVB cards, and TV tuners. Once captured, it then encodes the video to MPEG 2 or 4 to save computer space. Quality is maintained in the compressed video properties. The users can either save the video files in the computer hard drive or burn to a DVD. Besides saving it in PC or burning it, the program also allows other sharing methods. Videos can be converted for portable devices and upload it through Bluetooth, Infrared, or USB.

With AVS Capture Wizard’s simple and intuitive interface, any technical knowledge is not necessary to understand its usage. Otherwise, there is an instruction wizard that will assist beginners in head starting the program.

Features of AVS Capture Wizard include:
• A video editor that includes a number of functions: user can extract audio and images from the video files, enhance and edit them, apply effects, add logo, delete episodes, etc.
• Transfer, conversion, and capture statistics are visible in the program window for review
• An option to configure audio and video properties
• User-friendly and intuitive interface
• Bluetooth, Infrared, or USB upload and transfer