AVS Audio Recorder

AVS (Proprietary)

AVS Audio Recorder is a utility program that enables users to record audio data from various audio inputs. This program can record audio from devices such as microphones, CD, cassette player, vinyl records, video games, and from an input line from a sound card. User can save the recorded audio data into various audio formats such as MP3, WAV, and WMA. In addition, AVS Audio Recorder has controls that enable users to choose the number of channels (Mono or Stereo) for the output files.

AVS Audio Recorder features a simple interface that contains basic recording controls and display panels that show information about the recorded audio. The top left panel lets the user choose the input device and recording format. The top center portion displays the running track length of the recording audio as well as the red recording button, which starts the program’s recording process. The top left displays a dial that enables users to adjust the input level or volume of the recording. This dial is usually set in the middle as its default input level. The center box displays all the audio files that the user recorded using the program. AVS Audio Recorder uses the recording date and time as the default file name for the recorded files. The bottom console displays the “Play” and “Stop” buttons as well as the track bar that enables the user to preview a recorded audio track. The bottom portion displays the output folder where the audio files shall be found after recording. Other command buttons include an “Edit” button that lets a user edit an audio track using another program and a “Convert” button, which allows the user to convert the audio track to another format.