Avro Keyboard 5.1.0

OmicronLab (Freeware)

Avro Keyboard is a graphical keyboard used for changing layout for Windows, Ubuntu, and Linux. This program has the capability to write Bengali text in both Unicode and ANSI, and has Bengali and English phonetic typing. If a Romanized version of Bengali text is entered on the keyboard, the text will still be written in Bengali. Key features include a spell checker, key layout viewer, customizable mode-switching, input local support, Bengali typing which is mouse-based, and layout-based traditional keyboard typing. It has a tracking function for input language such that if different languages are used for different programs, the application can detect that and is able to continue to type on the right language instead of reading all words on one program as incorrect.

Other features of Avro Keyboard include the following:
• User editable dictionary support for phonetic typing:  This feature allows automatic correction using two merged editions of a dictionary.
• Keyboard macro support: This allows the use of multiple keys as macro commands.
• Bijoy converter: This feature allows conversion of Unicode Bengali to Bijoy or ASCII standard.
• Avro Converter: This feature allows conversion of Bangla documents based in ASCII/ANSI written in Proborton,  Bijoy, Alpona, Shabda, and Proshika formats into Unicode, without loss of formatting. This works for multiple document types too.
• Support forum for products: This feature allows users to share their issues and for developers to resolve them and share new features and development on the tool as well.