AVR Studio Application

Atmel (Freeware)

AVR Studio is a development environment used for working on Atmel AVR applications. It is the software used for developing AVR applications. It is also where these particular applications can be debugged or tested. It supports all microcontrollers developed by AVR. The microcontroller is the chip that contains the computer's processor core, memory, and programmable peripherals. It also has a compiler. The compiler is a computer program that transforms a source code into another language. This is primarily used for creating executable files. Additionally, AVR Studio also includes an assembler and a simulator, which previews the program.

In AVR Studio, starting a project is done by the "New Project Wizard". The New Project wizard enables the user to proceed in writing code. The compiler and the linker settings are set up by the wizard itself. There are also example projects that can act as a template when creating a new one. Moreover, the program has an editor. This new editor simplifies code editing. It is done by displaying suggestions immediately after typing a few letters.

Additional features of the software are the following:
• Application builder - imports drives and stacks from the AVR software framework to the specific project
• Solution explorer - presents an organized view of all projects and files.
• I/O view - reports current states of processors and memory

The AVR Studio product line is now discontinued in favor of Atmel AVR.