AVR Simulator IDE

Oshon Software (Proprietary)

AVR Simulator IDE is a graphical development environment for users of Atmel microcontrollers. It one program that provides the user with the functionality of an entire suite of programs. It is an all-in-one integrated solution for these users. Currently, the program supports processors from Atmel’s line of megaAVR and tinyAVR product lines. These processors have an 8-bit architecture. It also supports selected models from the Atmel 90S line of processors.

AVR Simulator IDE has several functions bundled with it. It includes the avr basic compiler, debugger, disassembler, assembler, and, of course, the integrated simulator. Other main features include the main simulator interface that shows the architecture of the microcontroller, variable simulation rate and simulation statistics, breakpoints manager, a comprehensive AVR compiler, an LCD module simulator, hardware and software UART simulation interfaces, an oscilloscope with zoom, digital thermometer tools for accurate temperature simulations, a seven-segment LCD display simulator, and other extensive program options for customization to the user’s preferences.

The program allows the use of the PC’s serial ports to allow real-time communications with actual devices using serial ports. It allows visualizations for stepper motor information for those users doing stepper motion simulations. There are signal generation simulation tools as well for users who need generated signals.