PixEcs (Freeware)

Pixecs’ AviSubtitler is a program that allows users to integrate subtitles (SubRip and MicroDVD) into AVI movie files. Usually, CDs or DVDs contain two separate files in them—the movie and the subtitle. In this program, users can join both movie file and subtitle as one. The app also acts as a simple converter where movie files with AVI format can be converted to WMV or MP4 videos.

The interface is straight-forward thus easy-to-use for beginners. Users can simply select the source of the video file, subtitle file, and the output destination through a drag-and-drop method.  There is also an option to preview the files. For larger AVI files that are twenty minutes long at the minimum, the application will show the video without the audio and subtitle. Users can view elapsed time, the estimated time remaining, the total time, and average and current frame rate. Moreover, the audio, video, written, and total estimated sizes can also be viewed. Besides these, the subtitle’s font can be changed, as well as its name, size, color and script.

The other features of AviSubtitler are as follows:
• Ability to transcode or convert AVI files into different format using codecs such as H.2631, H.261, Cinepak, Intel Video, MPEG 4, etc.
• Users can select the level of compression for the converted files
• Has a tiny viewer where videos can be watched while undergoing the process of merging it with the subtitle
• Simple and easy-to-use interface