Avira Professional Security

Avira Operations GmbH & Co. KG (Shareware)

AVira Professional Security is an antivirus program particularly designed for businesses. The program is capable of detecting possible threats on a computer system. Its System Scanner can detect known worms, Trojans, viruses and other known threats. The program also offers Anti-Phishing features, which prevents exposing confidential and sensitive data to possible scams. Rootkit Protection is also featured, which is used for trapping unseen malware. There’s also the AntiBot feature that restricts automated processes launched by hackers.

This antivirus program doesn’t only detect threats. It also prevents these threats from attacking the computer system with its Real-Time Protection. The program is capable of controlling online traffic with its firewall feature. It also has the ability to track the behavior of unknown threats and inspect unfamiliar codes for doubtful signs. Aside from this, Avira Professional Security also features web protection functionalities that prevent malware downloads, malware infected emails and other online-related threats from attacking the computer system. Threats detected by the program are either automatically removed or quarantine with the program’s Generic Repair and Quarantine Management features.

The program also offers a Presentation Mode that postpones unnecessary alerts when a full-screen program is running. There’s also the Avira Security Management Center, which offers a centralized interface for configuring, updating, monitoring and administering the program.