aVinci Studio


aVinci Studio is an application used for creating DVDs out of photos and images. The program has a simple interface that allows novice computer users to create professional looking DVDs. The program comes with several themes suitable for any occasion. Some of the themes included in the software include wedding, Christmas, vacation, graduation, and many others. Aside from themes, the application also comes with background music that can be used when the DVD is played. Users can use up to a hundred photos, depending on the type of theme chosen. The next step is to choose a cover photo for the DVD. Users must also supply the DVD title.

The program has a wizard-style interface that guides users throughout the entire process of creating a DVD. When all the parts of the DVD are complete, users can order a copy of the DVD. There are also options for ordering multiple copies of the same DVD.

Other features of the application are the following:

• Wide variety of themes to choose from
• Maximum of a hundred photos to use for the DVD
• Users with no experience can easily use the application
• Can be used for different applications (presentations, souvenirs, memorabilia, etc.)