Dxtory Software (Freeware)

AVIMux GUI is a program that enables users to combine different video, audio, and subtitle files and export it as a single file. This program is capable of importing video files such as AVI and MKV, audio files such as WAV, MPA, MP3, AC3, DTS, AAC, and OGG/Vorbis, as well as subtitle script files such as SRT and SSA. AVIMux GUI also supports AVI, MKV, RAW, MPx, AC3, DTS, ATDS-AAC, and OGG/Vorbis as for its export format. This program is equipped with various tools used in video splitting. Users may divide large video files into smaller segments according to size, time, and chapters by setting the start and end point for the track. Furthermore, AVIMux GUI allows users to set the compression of the output files to make it manageable for backup, file transfers, or streaming. In addition to these, AVIMux GUI allows users to merge AVI or MKV files with SSA subtitles in order to produce videos with embedded subtitles. This program also supports the drag-and-drop action enabling users to work on multiple files simultaneously.

AVIMux GUI features a simple user interface that contains four main parts. First part is the drag-and-drop space located on the top portion of the window. This section is used to contain video, audio and subtitle files that the user is working on. The next section contains features that enable users to type a file name for the output video, set the resolution, enable audio, enable audio, and streams. The third part is the log section where users can view the information about the files being processed. The last part contains buttons that enable users to edit chapters, configure settings, start the file combination process, and exit the program.