AVIDeFreezer 1.0

n3oPSYLo (Shareware)

AVIDeFreezer is ready for use as soon as installation is complete. The downloading process takes the user to a few basic steps, which allows fully downloaded files into the system at a shorter time. AVIDeFreezer lets novice users carry out basic "defreezing" tasks.

In order to work properly, this program requires that the system has installed VirtualDub. This program implements the defreezing function without any fuss or delay. The operation buttons are at the bottom of the screen, an area where most users look first. The user has to find the faulty frames manually and AVIDeFreezer will do the rest. In no time, the user will be able to enjoy a continuous and uninterrupted viewing of the movie or video file. AVIDeFreezer does all this without any cost from the user. Anyone can enjoy a shareware. With AVIDeFreezer, the user can do the following:
• Add new frames to a video file
• Remove freezing frames in a movie or video file
• Guaranteed to fix DivX files

Every package containing this utility comes with a comprehensive tutorial file to help the user in starting out. For the user’s information, this program is at the testing phase of its development. Nevertheless, it is 100% capable of identifying the bad frames in a movie and fixes them. There is no need to cut the faulty parts of the movie file anymore.