AVIcodec 1.2

P. Duby Productions (Shareware)

AVIcodec is a plug-in computer software that displays codec information and searches for codec download locations.  Codec is a computer software that is used in decoding information which is usually used in playing audio or video files. These files require decoding to convert data into output or signal.

One of the key features of AVIcodec is that it can process multiple folders and files at the same time. The efficient process can save time in streaming files and does not require manual selection. The software can show a summary or a complete report of incompatible video or audio codecs. Once these files are displayed, the software will provide a download link.  In this process, the AVIcodec will search a compatible codec format to play the video or audio file. The downloaded codec should be installed to work as a streaming application. The program can also explore installed and existing multimedia codecs in the user’s computer. Detailed information will be displayed regarding the status of the codecs which includes the version, developer and path location. Users can disable or enable a codec whenever it has conflicts with other codecs installed in the system. The software also supports more than 18 types of languages.