Avi to Mpeg

Free Converters (Freeware)

Avi to Mpeg is a program developed by the company Free Converters, also known as Free Media Converters. This program converts AVI files into MPEG format. This application can also read and convert other video file formats, as well as audio files. Users are given two options to convert media files: single file conversion or multiple file (batch) conversion. The latter option is recommended when there are several files that need to be converted. Batch processing saves time; users can simply select the files to be converted and place these on the application’s interface.

This interface is simple and easy to navigate, which makes the conversion process easy for first timers. The converter has a “Drag and Drop” feature, making file selection faster and easier, especially for batch conversions. Users can just drag any file to convert from its folder and drop this to application’s main screen.

The interface of Avi to Mpeg converter has other details. Users are able to view the filename, source format, size of the file, time, status and progress of the conversion, frames per second, and others. Certain settings for both audio and video, such as frame rate, aspect ratio, sample frequency rate, volume, and codec, may be configured. It also includes a button to cancel any current file conversion.