AVI ReComp

Prozac from (Freeware)

Prozac AVI ReComp is a free AVI recompression program. AVI is a video container file format. It contains the video and audio streams, allowing files to be played on the user’s favorite media player of choice. AVI ReComp is a recompression tool for this file format. This is so that video files that take up large amounts of hard drive space. Typically raw and unprocessed videos imported from camcorders and other video recording equipment output in uncompressed video files that can potentially take gigabytes of space for just a few minutes of video.

The program takes care of this problem using the Xvid codec to recompress the AVI files. Latest version of the program now lets a user perform many more tasks than simply recompressing videos. Users can now add hardcoded subtitles onto their videos. Hardcoded subtitles are subtitles that are embedded onto the video stream itself and cannot be turned off. The program can also now add black borders where the subtitles can be placed. Users can now also embed their own logos onto the video stream.

Other features of the program are:
• Support for SSA and ASS type subtitles
• Video resizing and aspect ratio adjustment
• Batch encoding of videos
• AVI file analysis to obtain detailed file information