AVI DVD Burner

CooolSoft (Shareware)

The AVI DVD Burner is a program that uses codec technology to convert Internet video file formats such as AVI, DivX, XviD, and other kinds of video files to DVD for playback on devices that support the latter. The output file retains video and audio quality, as it uses direct AC3 technology for AVIs with AC3 audio formats. This program also allows the recording of video clips or a portion of the entire file, with the user setting the recording start time and recording end time. AVI movie subtitles are also retained in the output file. Other files that can be converted into the DVD file format include ASF, MKV, RMVB, and WMF formats.

The AVI DVD Burner also allows conversion into DVD with one click. The high quality of audio and video converted may also be achieved with the Automatic Burning feature. In addition to conversion of part of an AVI, several AVIs may also be converted and combined into a single DVD file. The program also has a Movie Preview Feature and an automatic shutdown option during and after the conversion process, respectively. It also supports the creation of DVD menus to accompany the final video clip output.