AVG Anti-Rootkit

AVG Technologies (Formerly Grisoft) (Freeware)

AVG Anti-Rootkit is a system protection tool that is designed to detect and remove rootkits. Rootkits are programs that are normally hidden from a typical user’s view and, more often than not, are malicious in nature. These rootkits often escape the typical antivirus scan. AVG Anti-Rootkit scans deeper than the normal antivirus program. It scans system processes and other crucial files where rootkits normally hide. This program helps eliminate the threat that rootkits pose, threats that can include password theft, keystrokes, credit card numbers, and other private information. These threats, if not detected early on, could eventually take over and overwrite system settings. This makes reinstalling the entire OS the only feasible option for rootkit removal.

AVG Anti-Rootkit features a state-of-the-art rootkit detection algorithm. This, paired with the program’s ease of use, allows users to find and remove rootkits swiftly, preventing any potential damage. This is achieved by employing single-click access to functions such as “Search”, “In-Depth Search”, “Remove Threat”, and “Save Result to File” right on the main window of the program. A user can click “Scan” and once results are displayed onscreen, another click of “Remove All Threats” will then delete all threats that are found. The utility also includes a special interface for users who are visually impaired. As of 2006, the AVG Anti-Rootkit standalone has been discontinued and integrated into the AVG Antivirus suite.