AVer MediaCenter Application

AVerMedia TECHNOLOGIES, Inc. (Freeware)

Aver MediaCenter is an all-in-one application for managing your PC-TV software. This program works as the command center when using your computer for various media tasks involving music, images, videos, radio and TV. It offers supports for multiple tuner cards and enables users to set hue, saturation, brightness and other display configurations for each channel.

AVer MediaCenter can manage Digital/Analog TV. It can be used for watching several channels simultaneously and offers Fast Channel Switching and Scanning feature for TV-Surfing functionality. It also has the Picture-by-Picture and Picture-in-Picture setting functions for watching multiple live TV programs. The application also offers a way for managing videos. It can be used for watching video clips on your computer and access your video files captured from your TV. Importing of video from an external device is possible with this application as well. Support for High-Resolution and HDTV is also provided.

As for music files, AVer MediaCenter provides a way for users to listen to music. It can access your personal music library and play it as the background music for your slideshows. This application can also be used for accessing FM/Digital radio. Listening to live radio can be done as well. Available settings for this include Auto Channel Scan, Instant or Schedule Recording, All Frequency Scan and TimeShift for FM/Digital radio. Capturing photos from various sources such as analog TV, camcorder or digital broadcast can also be done using this software.