AVer MediaCenter 3D

AVerMedia TECHNOLOGIES, Inc. (Shareware)

AVer MediaCenter 3D is a multimedia center where users can watch TV shows, listen to online radio stations, listen to music, and browse pictures on the computer. The application supports 3D playback through live 3DTV broadcasting. The software makes use of see3D technology, which converts 2D content to 3D. However, the technology is only compatible with AVerTV 3D USB and AVer3D CaptureHD. Here are the other main features of the AVer MediaCenter 3D program:

• Multiple card support – The program supports usage of two tuner cards. This enables the user to record content from two different channels at the same time. Dual playback for videos is possible, too. This feature is only compatible for AVerMedia tuner and capture cards.
• Support for external devices – AVer MediaCenter 3D supports video capture for external devices, such as PlayStation 3. With this feature, users can play games and record the gameplay on the computer.
• Photo and Music Manager – The application comes with a music manager that enables users to create a music playlist or a photo slideshow.
• iPhone and iPad recording – AVer MediaCenter 3D supports recording of shows for the iPad, iPod, and iPhone.
• Color adjustment – The program enables users to adjust the color settings to improve the quality of video playback. Some of the settings that can be changed are the hue, brightness, saturation, contrast, and the sharpness of the video.