Avenue Flo: Special Delivery 1

PlayFirst (Shareware)

Avenue Flo: Special Delivery is an adventure game where players are tasked to do errands in Diner Town in order to help for the preparation for a surprise baby shower. The game is divided into three sections and several locations are available in each section. Players are given things to do, such as search for missing items, solve puzzles, and collect items that are needed. The storyline progresses as players complete more tasks. On the game screen, players have access to a to-do list and an inventory bar where items that have been found are kept. Players can also use the game map to move from location to location in Diner Town.

Throughout the entire game, players get to meet the different citizens of Diner Town who can help them and give them hints for solving some of the puzzles. Some puzzles in the game are not mandatory and can be skipped. There are also trophies that can be unlocked in the game for doing certain activities. The trophies can be accessed from the menu.

This game has two modes – the Activity Mode and the Adventure Mode. The Adventure Mode allows players to go through the storyline, while the Activity Mode enables users to play mini games that have been unlocked from the Adventure Mode.