Clockstone Software GmbH (Proprietary)

Avencast is a Windows-based action role-playing game which involves casting spells in order to vanquish the enemy. Players are required to combine movement inputs with specific mouse buttons in order for the right spell to be cast. There are also shortcuts that need to be learned in order for the player to launch spells rapidly. This game can be enjoyed by both veteran and novice RPG players.
Rise of the Mage requires not only skills in casting spells and creating powerful potions but combat skills as well. It is an action-packed game, with numerous combat settings, weapons options, and hundred so spells to choose from. Avencast: Rise of the Mage is similar to adventure games in that there are riddles that the players need to solve.

Aside from the impressive cache of the magic and combat systems of Rise of the Mage, players can look for (or choose to buy) 150 unique items that are only found in the fictional world that the game is set. In this world, mysteries abound and wizardry is commonplace. There are many quests to fulfill and skills to hone in order for the player to have the means to defeat the enemy.

Avencast: Rise of the Mage is published by Lighthouse Interactive and developed by Clockstone Software.